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Dedicated Tax Professionals

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  • Over 30 Years of service Specializing in individual and small business income taxOur practice has over 30 years of experience preparing taxes. The company was started from a small home office in Miami and has grown to current offices in Miami Lakes, FL.
    Certified Tax Preparers Specialized in income tax preparation We are not a certified public accounting (CPA) firm. We are certified tax preparers, and as such our professionals are dedicated and focused on understanding the complexities specific to income taxes.
  • Over 3 Generations Specializing in the unique needs of our community The loyalty of our clients speaks to our core belief of serving our community. By serving multiple generations, our clients become part of our family, and we become part of theirs.
    Relationships More than just tax services. Our founder, Miguel Dotres, has had the pleasure of guiding families within our community. His personal involvement with each family has expanded into assisting his clients with everything from opening small businesses, marriages, immigration issues, real estate, and more.
  • Loyal Customers Earning trust through dedication Our professional services have earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients and their families because of our focused dedication and involvement to serving their needs.
    Recommendations Building a practice through referrals Over the years, our clients have rewarded us with recommendations to friends and family that have helped us build our business from a small home office to our current location where we continue to provide dedicated service to our clients.

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Tax Services

We are your tax resource center for your specific tax issues and IRS tax information. 
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Individual and small business income tax issue are the core of Citizens Professional Services. Our practice has over 30 years of combined experience preparing taxes. The company was started from a small home office in Miami and has grown to current offices in Miami Lakes, FL.

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 Properly identifying your dependents can significantly increase your returns.


 There's nothing as certain as an ever-changing tax code. Besides the usual increases in exemption amounts, standard deductions, and qualifying income levels for the earned income credit, there are several impactful changes for filing Tax Year 2013 returns. Trust our experts to explain the details of this new tax information. 

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