Mergers & Aquisitions
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We help our clients develop growth strategies and identify market opportunities. We are often asked to apply this knowledge and market insights to identify strategic acquisition targets. In other cases, our clients determine that a business unit no longer fits the corporate strategy and a divestiture is required. Some of our clients determine that their business has reached a growth or value plateau and determine it is time for a sale or joint venture or they require an exit strategy.

On the buy-side, we leverage our research capabilities to identify and vet opportunities and our strategic expertise to determine the best fit and to support post-acquisition integration.

On the sell-side, we manage a disciplined proprietary process for creating an artificial blind market to ensure best value for the seller.

In all cases, we manage a turn-key M&A process through negotiation and close, allowing our clients to focus on running their businesses while we manage the tactical side of negotiation and due diligence thereby maximizing value in the most efficient manner.


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